Thursday, January 1, 2009

Up til now

This really seems kinda self indulgent, but in Guatemala I found myself saying the same things to a lot of people over e-mail, and it got unnecessary and time consuming and it hindered better conversations that could've been happening. So forgive me if you find this blog way too dramatic or self-important. Sometimes that's just how I roll...

So...I was in Guat for 2 months studying Spanish, partially as a refresher, and mostly to get another bump in my knowledge of the language. The time was extremely profitable and I learned a bunch, and gained a lot more confidence even though my usage of the language still lags a bit. In terms of people, it was so good. The network of people through the school ( - highly recommend it) was amazing and I dearly hope to reconnect with many of the people I met there. A couple suggestions as well...if you ever go to Guat, check out If you look on my facebook, you will see it is quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. True statement. And cheap. Well worth the effort to get there.

Now I'm in the States for 3 weeks (and it's already half over...geez...) and enjoying the heck out of being here and visiting with everyone. Thanks for all the calls and attention and such, it's certainly made me feel loved. It's been great being home but hard to process too since it's for such a short time. I know that if I was staying here, going back to work, and getting back in the routine, my heart would be screaming to leave. I know this is how my brain functions, so it doesn't surprise me that I'm a little bummed to be here for such a blink.

I also know that once the wheels touch down in Guayaquil on January 14, there won't be a question in my mind that I'm in the right place.


  1. Good to hear what's up- keep us posted.

  2. people who say woot sometimes!! hahaha

  3. Joel the blog is a great idea. Will check it often.