Saturday, February 14, 2009

Departure of Marquitos, Guayaquil, and stomach bug

Hey kiddos. This is all you get for a blog this week. I´m a little claustrophobic right now due to homeboy next to me pressing his butt against my shoulder as he sets up someone´s email addy, who is yelling into their cellphone. He was preceded by 2 love birds celebrating the day by sitting in eachother´s lap and smooching. Lack of space is bad enough without PDA.

The week has been laid back, just chilling with Mark as David and Monica have been in Quito. Mark and I have hit the beach a couple times, recorded a bit of a new song, and listened to music up on the roof at night. Quite fun.

Just dropped Mark off at the airport in Guayaquil this morning, and I´m at Malecón right now, about to grab a bite and then find me a bus back to Manta. Poor Rafa was expecting me to be there at 4, but it´ll be more like 6 now.

David and Monica head for the States tomorrow, and Rafa and I will be here doing meetings in their absence. Then, we´ll join up with them in a couple weeks up in Quito where we´ll be scouting out spots for meetings for when the team from FBC comes in April. Then, after a week or so there, Lordwilling and the creeks don´t rise, I´ll be heading south, solo, and with the hope of making it to Santiago by March 26 to see Radiohead!!! (If anyone wants to meet up beforehand and go, just holler...or we can grab WaHo afterwards...)

My love for the human race is quickly diminshing as homeboy continues to yell in his cellphone.

Oh yeah, and my stomach is pretty bad right now...going to try and find me some Cipro (sp?).

Take care folks, let me know what´s up!


  1. Awesome dude. I think you will fall in love with Santiago. I've heard from several people lately that the most beautiful places in the world are New Zealand and Chile. Sounds like I need to plan a couple of trips...

  2. Joel! You have a blog. I'm excited to find it. :)