Tuesday, March 3, 2009

La Sierra

Well, Rafa and I arrived in Yaruquí yesterday, and it feels like I´m back in Antigua, just without oxygen. We´re approx 2 miles high, and parked on the ecuator. Rafa´s family is wonderful. His Mom is one of the kindest ladies and I see where Rafa gets his servant spirit from. I now have one week here in Quito (Yaruquí is just 30 minutes from Quito), and then I hit the road. David and Mónica just got back in the country from the US, and we haven´t seen them or talked to them yet.

I heard that you guys in the ATL got snow...not fair. Now I´m going to have to find some down here too.

Peace out.

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  1. So let me ask you this: In the northern hemisphere, when you drain a sink, the water spins counter clockwise and in the southern hemisphere, it drains clockwise.

    So if you are exactly on the equator, at which point does it switch?